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Dear Students

FLASH!!! It gives me great pleasure to state that the average marks in Computer Applications 2014, scored by my students at The Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai, was 98.4%! Hope you all also share the same levels of success!!

This portal covers the Computer Applications ICSE syllabus for Standard IX and X. It includes Computer Applications ICSE Board Papers, Computer Applications ICSE Solved Papers, Bonus Questions, likely ICSE computer applications projects, and sample questions.

The mission is simple: to help the student prepare and maximize his return for the Computer Applications I.C.S.E. examination.

Your feedback is appreciated and I can be reached on pheru8a@gmail.com.


Ajay Pherwani

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    1. I cant predict the questions. They become tougher each year. Please go through my set of sample questions and solved papers.

  1. Please include more output programs and snippets especially on iterations. It will help me seek a solution to the major problems I face. Please post them as soon as possible.
    My ICSE exam is drawing nearer.

  2. This was really very very very helpfull for my revision just 1 day before the exam so really hats off :))))))))))

  3. hats off for your great effort.
    Sir,I wanted to know whether I can ask my doubts from you and will you reply the solutions?? .Please reply if possible as board exams are nearing!!thanks.

      1. thank you very much sir.
        I am finding difficulty in making the following program–>
        Find the prime number which is nearest to the entered number.
        1)FOR EXAMPLE–>number entered=25
        OUTPUT–>Nearest prime number is 23.
        2)1)FOR EXAMPLE–>number entered=28
        OUTPUT–>Nearest prime number is 29.
        Sir,tomorrow I have a test and i expect this question to come for 15 marks.
        I would be highly pleased and obliged if you can reply today itself.

        1. import java.util.Scanner;
          class prime_number
          boolean check_for_prime(int n)
          int factor=0;
          for(int i=n-1;i>1;i–)
          return true;
          return false;
          public static void main(String[] args)
          Scanner s = new Scanner(System.in);
          prime_number p = new prime_number();
          System.out.println(“Enter the number”);
          int n=s.nextInt();
          int lower_prime=0,upper_prime=0,lower_difference=0,upper_difference=0;
          for(int i =n-1;i>1;i–)
          for(int i=n+1;;i++)


        2. Let n be the input.

          int diff1 = 0, diff2=0;
          for(int I = n; i >0; i++)
          If( isPrime(i) ){
          diff1 = i – n;break;}

          for(int I = n; i >0; i–)
          If( isPrime(i) ){
          diff1 = n – i;break;}

          If( diff1 > diff2 )
          System.out.println(“Nearest prime number is “+ (n + diff2) );
          System.out.println(“Nearest prime number is “+ (n + diff1) );

          1. Let input be the input, then-
            int n=input +1;
            System.out.println(“Next Prime No.=”+n);

          2. Let n be the input, then-
            int a=n-1, b=n+1, near =0;
            int near = a;
            else if(isPrime(b)==true)
            near = b;
            System.out.println(“nearest prime no.=”+near);

          3. Sorry to inform you but in your program, there are some mistakes——-
            (1)The first loop updation(i++) is wrong
            It would be ——-
            for(int i=n;i>0;i–)
            (2)The second loop is also the same and the loop iteration is completely wrong . It would be ———–
            for(int i=0;i<n;i++)

          4. Your comment is illegal… isPrime is not there in the ICSE scope
            the program is this

            public class prime
            public static void main(int n)
            int n2 = n;
            int n3 = n2+1;
            int j=2;
            int dif=0,dif2=0;
            n3 = n3 + 1;
            dif = n3 -n2;
            n3 = n-1;
            else if (dif<dif2)
            else if (dif==dif2)
            System.out.println("Both " + (n-dif2) + " and " + (n+dif) + " are the nearest to " + n);

  4. IT’S NOT FAIR ;;.We are still in 10th std and for us you have given such HUGE programs .that we cannot learn also and so confusing .its all complicated and really damn bad.. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    1. Dear Akash

      You need to practice, young man. It is best to get difficult questions here than in the examination!



    1. Dear Goutham

      The chances of Journal and Bonus questions coming is remote. The rest are likely candidates. I believe the questions get tougher each year and I have made some sample papers intentionally tough


  5. Sir,

    Is it OK if we learn only the 2 types of sort and 2 types of search techniques for boards for Array Programs.

    1. Dear Raj Shah

      I believe so, yes. But you need to learn them for all primitive data types, not just int.



  6. Dear Ajay sir,
    I am posting my program for checking the nearest prime of the entered number.
    Its a request,please do check it and please tell if there are any errors and what improvisations can be made.
    Vansh Sodhi.

    class nearestprime
    public int prime(int num)
    int c=0;
    for(int i=2;i<num;i++)
    return 0;
    return 1;
    public static void main(int n)
    int a=0,b=0,f=0;
    nearestprime ob1=new nearestprime();
    nearestprime ob2=new nearestprime();
    System.out.println("Nearest prime="+a);
    else if((ob1.prime(a)!=0)&&ob2.prime(b)==0)
    System.out.println("Nearest prime="+b);
    else if(ob1.prime(a)==0&&ob2.prime(b)==0)
    System.out.println("Nearest primes="+a+" and "+b);

    1. Yeah your programme is absolutely correct. But your programme be that lengthy , you can cut it short by reducing the last 2 conditions to 1, and need not declare f=1.

      1. Hey, thanks Srinijay!!!I couldn’t understand how to reduce the last two conditions to 1???Can you please send an explanation as a reply?
        Vansh Sodhi.

    2. The prime number can be checked much more efficiently if we check for 2 exclusively because it’s the only even prime number. Then instead of taking the loop from 1 to n, the loop should be taken from 3 to the sqrt(n) or n/2 in steps of 2. Upto square root because after the square root the factors repeat. If 100 is 115 is divisible by 5 (5×23) why divide it by 23?
      Also since even number other than 2 cannot be prime why divide it by even numbers?
      I wrote a blog post on this logic once which can be found at http://www.vinaysingh.info/prime-time/

      1. Thanks Vinay. I have kept the solution simple taking into account the age group of the students.

  7. Dear Sir,

    Could you please explain to me a bit more intricately about this question from icse 2013?
    Please follow suit:
    int ctr = 0;
    for(int i=1;i<=5;i++)
    for(int j=1;j<=5;j+=2)

  8. Hi,
    On 14th march 2014 I am going to write my 10th exam, plz tell what are the important questions which I should revise.

  9. Dear sir,can you plz tell me how to remove repeated alphabets in a word or a string using ascii value in a simple way and then print the new word or the string

  10. Could u please give me the code for checking a number is special or not in java


  11. Thanks for putting up your very helpful website.

    Can you recommend a textbook and/or workbook for ICSE Class 10 Computer Applications?

  12. Sir,
    We are from very rural place at Dakshin Dinajpur, West Bengal where there is no private tutor and just 1 ICSE school where my son is studying in Class-X. No computer teacher in the school for last two year and authorities are least bothered.
    Sir your help and support for the students like my son is remarkable . I can’t thank u because it will make u small just my wet eyes can fill how good & helpful person u r. Plz mail me name of some good books so that my son may get good marks in this subject .
    with prayerful wishes

    1. Dear Barnali

      You may use “Java For Students, 2nd Edition” by Ajay Pherwani (myself). Give me your postal address and I will be happy to courier a complementary copy of the same to you.

  13. I\P> career related information
    O\P> acerre eraletd niofmrtaoin
    can anyone please help me doing this program

  14. Sir hats off to you .
    I got an astounding 100% in ICSE 2014 in computer applications after following the programs that had been given by you .
    Please Sir guide us in the future too.
    Sir i am super to the power infinity grateful to you.

    1. Result of: x=(-12&24)
      & is a bitwise operator.
      -12: 11110011
      +24: 00011000
      Ans: 00010000 which is binary for decimal 16.
      Answer: 16

  15. Respected Sir,
    I was very impressed with your site.Could U plz send me a sample copy of your famous book-“Java For Students, 2nd Edition” by Ajay Pherwani “.I will be highly oblidged.

    sagnik mukherjee

  16. Sir, I completed my class 10 from ICSE! this year.. it has been long but suddenly i thought of thanking you! This web site has been simply fantastic!! Nothing can be better than this for and ICSE computer applications student. Got 100/100! :) but truly i am a huge fan of yours! I got 98% overall and yes, your programs, find the outputs , and short questions are FAB! they helped me a lot in building my confidence before the exam! Thanks again.. keep up with the good work! Your helping so many out there! Hats off!

  17. Dear Mr. Pherwani,

    I am a writing this comment while visiting your page(which is extremely wonderful). I went through all the interaction that u had with students… I must tell u that I am also a computer teacher and liked your way of interaction.. very impressive… hope to come here again and again…

    by the way I searched or book here in local market but didn’t get… if you are not bothered plz and a copy so that I can suggest and refer to booksellers as well as students…

    My address is:
    Prasanti Prime,
    Block B, Flat No-D3,
    Debi Chowdhurani road,
    Jyotinagar, Siliguri,
    Dist. Darjeeling,
    West Bengal

    Please be in touch… Its good to have good people in touch…

    email: mca.das@gmail.com

  18. i want your book“Java For Students, 2nd Edition” by Ajay Pherwani
    I want to be like you sir… Please Help me

  19. Respected Sir,
    I have come to know that your book is very helpful and without it icse boards shouldnt be attemped.Sir,it is my humble request to please provide me with a copy of the same.I write boards in march 2015.my father is a cobbler .it is very difficult to make ends meet.i want to break free from this poverty.please help me by doing the same. ill provide my address if you wish to help me sir.i will sure repay you when i shal take up a good job.i shall always be indebted to you for this

    1. Dear Tanuj

      Please email me your home address. I will courier a copy to you. You dont have to repay me.


      Ajay Pherwani

  20. please help me out – write a statement to declare and initialize three students’ marks in four subjects

    1. import java.io.*;
      class shreya()
      void display()
      String str,str1,str2;
      System.out.println(“enter the names of the three students”);
      public class shreya
      public static void main(String args[])throws IOException
      InputStreamReader read=new InputStreamReader(System.in);
      BufferedReader in=new BufferedReader(read);
      shreya sh=new shreya();

      1. Three student marks in 4 subjects

        Create a 2D array:

        int marks[3][4] = new int[3][4];
        int i, j;
        Scanner sc = new Scanner(System.in);
        for(i=0; i<3; i++)
        for(j=0; j<4; j++)
        print("Enter marks for student " + (i+1) + " for subject " + (j+1) + ": ");
        marks[i][j] = (int)Integer.parseInt(sc.readLine());

  21. Dear Sir,
    I have gone through this wonderful website of yours, my seniors recommended this site to me ……I have observed that many students have been successful in getting good marks with the help of your book…..Hence I request you to send a copy to me …I would be very grateful to you for doing so …….Please reply on my email for the address …Once again Thank You and keep up the good work .

  22. Can someone tell me about the style of computer paper of 9th final term.i hav no idea about it.its the first time the java will come.please help…

  23. This is a VERY USEFUL WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!…
    Thanks for your help in making us study well for our exams……..!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  24. Dear Sir,
    I have a few doubts and i shall be highly grateful if you help me. First, is String Tokenizer allowed in ICSE? Second, In your second sample paper, in the decimal to binary conversion program, the code implies to positive numbers and not negative. can you please show how to make a program for negative numbers also. Thirdly, is the main() method necessary to be written in icse? And finally, do we have to rite the logics or explanation in every “find the output” questions? Thank you in advance sir, and thank you for taking time to make this page helpful for us students. :)

  25. dear sir,
    i want to know which type of string and function overloading programs can come in icse 2015 boards.

  26. Sir, please can you take the pain to upload your school’s pre-board paper, it would be a great help :) thank you in advance.

  27. Does your book have lots of questions with answers to help in studying for section A of the Computer Applications paper? Can you post a few representative pages from the book? We already have two books but are not satisfied with them and are looking for a better book. Thanks very much.

    1. Yes it does. The book and this site should be enough. I cannot post sample pages as the work involved is too much. Go to a book shop and read it please.

  28. How to do this-
    input a string and print in reverse order
    for ex- input = india is my country
    output=country my is india

    1. Dear Divyanshi

      Use StringTokenizer class to split into words, store into an array, then print in reverse order

  29. Dear Sir,
    I have a problem with a program in Java.I would be very obliged and happy if you kindly solve my problem and send the solution to this email id: drmousumiboral@gmail.com.
    The problem is:-
    Write a program to convert a decimal fraction to a number in any base in bluej.
    Sir,please donot use any predefined functions of java class.

  30. I too got 100 in computer applications in 2006….
    Took up medicine and became a doctor….
    Nd everyday of life, I am still confused about my choice…. Should I have opted for Mathematics nd computer ???

  31. Sir,
    its a fabulous page, but m not able to download it,so that i can make a hard copy of it :(
    Thanking you sir

  32. i have seen your website it is much useful to the icse students so i need your help in order to score the good marks in the computer subject so please send some icse important java solved papers.

  33. Right now sir can you tell me the detailed description of buffered reader,just buffered reader only with each commansd in the code described

  34. Right now sir can you tell me the detailed description of buffered reader,just buffered reader only with each comman
    d in the code described

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